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He was scratching the walls making his nails bleed and when they did the walls would be to covered in blood. He was someone who hid himself from society knowing how cruel and dangerous the world could be but at some point he wasn't isolated, he had bullies and these bullies would suffer the worst of consequences.

Getting pushed into the lockers and everyday have to walked down the halls just to get to your classroom with a busted lip and black eye felt as if everyone was watching you. He tasted the blood on his lip as he sat in the back of the classroom, with his hood up covering his wounds and scars. He heard voices telling him what to say, telling him to speak in a minimum, and telling him what to do. He was told to do drugs, and so he did and he became addicted and began doing this before and after school without his parents' notice. His parents were never really able to see him resulting he was alone in his house until he heard the pots rattle, heard the oven turned on, as if someone was cooking but it was impossible since no one was in the house with him. Or was there?

He wasn't scared but he was curious to see what or who was cooking so he came down to see nothing was near the oven, as it was just on, with the pan, and the eggs in it. So he left it alone and went back upstairs thinking it was just his mother making a surprise dinner. No one really knew what he did up there but when he's in his room no one could enter (but no one could leave either). Until he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, so he looked at his doorway as the footsteps came closer and closer stepping inside his room. The demon had a gothic appearance and his complexion was more pale than usual, then the demon grabbed his face with both hands and chanted inside his mouth "Immortalis. Et maledictus filius mortis. Filius malum. Tu es qui creare mundum in illo tumultu" his eyes turned black as he chanted in his mouth, blood coming out of his eyelids and scars. He said this about five times and stopped suddenly disappearing in mid air and he was left there to be reborn into evil.

When he awoken, his eyes turned red instead of hazel, and the blood had finally dried up and stained his face; his pale face. Once again, he walked down the hallway "Ire in gehennam" he says under his breath, walking to class waiting for yet another victim and he found one sitting next to him.