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Do you ever remember in your childhood in the 1990s playing with those collection early CD-ROM games? From Reader Rabbit, Math Blaster, JumpStart, Humongous, Thinkin' Things, and galore, then you did. And I for instance have a lot of fun memories playing those a lot everyday at school and at home too, however I did experience one of them that really caught my attention, so much that I find it to be pretty unusual that literally freaked me out in my life. If you're confused, well let me tell you about it:

It's all started around 1997, when I was in fourth grade during my school life where me, my classmates and my teacher lined up to the computer lab where we get to pick out our favorite computer games to enjoy and I felt overjoyed upon picking which PC games I get to choose from. But however, I can't even deiced what to choose from the little basket right besides to a computer; there were Mario Teaches Typing, Kid Pix, Sonic Schoolhouse, 3D Dinosaur Adventure and so much more, but hey, what would I supposed to waste my free-time to choose. I've deiced to pick Sonic Schoolhouse, started up the computer and placed it inside the hardware, but before I could play, I came across a one program on the main menu screen which read "Baldi's Basics". TBD